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PARTY MUSIC:The Inside Story of the Black Panthers' Band

and How Black Power Transformed Soul Music


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"Party Music" is the new book by Rickey Vincent, an exploration of Black Power and Soul Music. What makes "Party Music" so important is that it features the story of the Black Panther Party's own funk band The Lumpen. Through exclusive interviews, relentless research and RV's own award-winning writing style, Rickey Vincent takes us into the Oakland based Black Panther Party in 1970, in which Minister of Culture Emory Douglas and Panther Party leaders had asked their rank-and-file members to produce a high performance band that could play the beats on the street and reach the people on the dancefloor - with the Party's message of revolution.

The Lumpen delivered The Funk with the force of the James Brown band, and pushed the message of "Off The Pigs" and "Power to the People" that the Panthers and their supporters had come to expect. Never before has this dimension of black radicalism been brought to light. "Party Music" will change everything you know about Black Power and Soul Music.

In addition to the story of The Lumpen, "Party Music" goes in-depth into the Black Power Movement and explores the many ways that Soul and Black Power overlapped and converged during that turbulent time. "Party Music" is the definitive treatment of Soul Music and the explosion of black consciousness at the flashpoint of the Black Revolution a the end of the 1960s.

Emory Douglas, Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party had this to say about PARTY MUSIC: 

"Rickey Vincent, The Funk Master of the radio air waves has merged together in his book "Party Music" a wealth of comprehensive knowledge and insights about Panther Party Music and the history from which it evolved. 

 Rickey masters the art of interviewing and writing about the revolutionaries in "Party Music" with the same will power and self determination as the Funk Masters he writes about, an amazing achievement."



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